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Market analysis

Managers must make decisions upon market analysis data and even more understand how the data was derived.

Providing a precise market analysis in Kazakhstan sometimes requires full use of one’s abilities and resources since most of the data are of low-quality and often contradictory. Also, pharmaceutical market data in this country were always in short supply. In order to obtain data we access a variety of sources. In many cases we use databases of private providers, government agencies; various associations etc. and we often consult with experts. When we collect all the data we compare and contrast them, also, we double check them to ensure that we have reliable information.

We examine the data in order to obtain concrete strategies. While analyzing we try to predict future dynamics of the relevant market. We estimate values of competition (in case they are present on the relevant market). Then we appraise possible product sales and issue recommendations on product marketing such as pricing policy etc.

Our research is of highest quality because we use our broad network of contacts to gain entrance to experts and people who make decisions in this area and because of our employees who are the best in the field. Most of our employees who are engaged in market research have previously worked in senior positions in marketing in leading Kazakh pharmaceutical companies.