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“We are all in the same boat” – a joint commitment to enhancing competitiveness.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with pharmaceutical business services of the highest quality. Our intention is to become a company where clients can be presented with everything they need. When a market is in short supply of professionalism like in these regions, we think that it is very useful to our clients to work with only one party especially the one that knows the market well, has the necessary skills and experience, and that understands the client’s business needs.

Our quality and service makes us unique. We are proud of our professionalism and hard work. Our clients’ success is our priority. In order to achieve the best results we have a very good relationship with our clients, we think that interaction is a key to prosperity.

Before entering Kazakhstan and CIS markets there are some questions that need to be answered:

“Is there a market for our products?
What the potential of the market?
How are we going to sell our products?”

Our research and our market analysis give accurate answers to those questions. If there is the market potential, the client should be brought the product to market as soon as possible before the competitors appear. What would be needing first is registering of the product which is very difficult and time consuming. Thanks to our registration strategy we expedite the product’s registration in record time which saves our client’s time and money.

As the end of the registration process is nearing, clients start the process of marketing their products to the relevant audience. We can assist in conducting a targeted, productive marketing campaign. All Imexpharma’s campaigns are distinctive and characterized by the utmost professional criterion and we do our best to ensure that the right message is communicated to the audience.

Regarding sales and distribution, Imexpharma can be of assistance in two ways - we can take on sales and distribution ourselves, and for the wide spread audience we can find distributors and supervise them to ensure performance.

In order to provide our clients with strategic advice if that is what they need we help them using our resources and outside experts.