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Time is money.

Registration of the products at the Kazakh regulatory organs is required in advance before entering on the market. According to the timeline of National Center of Expertise in Republic of Kazakhstan, the average time for registration is more then 2 years. Imexpharma can speed up that procedure in record time, often within 6-9 months. By leaving registration to Imexpharma our clients save both money and time. We prepare dossiers for the Ministry of Health; we provide import permissions from the customs authorities etc. which result in additional savings for clients.

We have such success in this procedure because we have good strategy and dedicated staff. Without right instructions, companies often fail to complete the dossier in the exact way and hence must go back to regulatory organs numerous of times until they clarify all the issues. This is very time-consuming. We are well informed about the demands of the regulatory organs, and we make sure that the dossiers are prepared in accord with the instructions. We involve experts on regular basis to make sure that the documents are in right format and that the client answered to all the questions. We also continue to monitor the progress of the dossiers when they are within the regulatory organs. That is how we ensure that the documents are not lost.

Members of our team have decades of direct experience with the relevant regulatory organs so they know very well the procedure so as the people.